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One Year Anniversary
Ventura Community Bank (a division of Ojai Community Bank)

Ventura Community Bank: We're Open

OCB Voted Best Bank of Ojai 2011
OCB Wins Chamber Community Service
Spirit Award

OCB Voted Best Bank of Ojai 2011
Ojai Community Bank
Voted Best Bank in Ojai: 2010, 2011, 2012, and now 2013.
Thank you Ojai!


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2nd Quarter 2010 Shareholders Report (Click here for full PDF version)

June 30, 2010 —We're happy to report a strong and healthy Second Quarter for 2010. The Bank continues to be liquid, U.S. economic news is better, earnings are returning, and credit quality has improved. We have many strong positive indicators that the Bank is well on the way to achieving our common goals.

Our net income for the quarter ending June 30, 2010, was $101,966, compared to a loss of $217,799 in the same period last year. Year to date our net income was $302,320, compared to a loss of $992,696 in the first half of 2009. An important metric to track is core earnings before loan loss reserves, an indicator of the core earning power of the bank. Our 2010 year-to-date figure was $574,166, compared to a loss of $42,696 year to date 2009. This is the result of the actions taken to fully deploy our deposit base, reduce expenses, and increase fee income. Since December 2009, total assets grew $2.9 million to $115.4 million. Our planned slow growth benefits our capital ratio during these challenging economic times.

During the second quarter we proactively charged off certain loans that appeared to have a decrease in collectability. By eliminating them, we can institute a clean balance sheet going forward, which should reduce volatility and further strengthen the Bank.

Additionally, we are proud to welcome Esther Wachtell to our Board of Directors. Esther has significant national experience in nonprofit consulting, fundraising, and community activism, important aspects to our own brand. Esther’s input will be greatly beneficial as we continue to develop strong partnerships in the communities we serve.

The foundation of the Bank is solid. Our loan quality is very good and our deposit base is 100% local. Our overhead is in line with our peers and our positive earnings momentum continues. The Santa Paula division continues to contribute significantly to our success.

Our recent shareholder survey indicated a high percentage of shareholders are interested in learning more about TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). TARP was intended to support healthy institutions through difficult economic periods. It was quickly labeled a bailout program. While this was not the intention of the program, TARP continues to struggle with that perception.

For small community banks like ours, TARP continues to be an inexpensive source of capital. The additional compliance requirements are minimal and the payoff schedule appropriate and achievable. The loan will be paid according to the terms of our agreement. Without TARP, we would have a capital ratio of approximately 7.68% versus our current 9.52%. Had we not taken TARP funds, it is likely that the Regulators would require us to raise additional capital at the current stock price, which we do not believe would be in the best interest of our shareholders.

We feel confident in our future. Our vision is clear. The balance sheet is strong. Capital remains healthy and our earnings momentum has returned.

We appreciate your support during the difficulties that the banking community has faced this past year, and are particularly grateful for your support and belief in us. We hope you will continue to support your investment in our community by banking with us and referring your friends and family.


Dave Brubaker
Don Scanlin

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